15'  Stop Motion Animated Short
In Jonah's wonderland, the soul is constantly in jeopardy. It might be run over by a train, crashed under a bully's foot or blown-up by a shred of glass. In Jonah's wonderland, she would better keep her voice to herself. When absolutely necessary (and when not necessary at all), her friend, Fishy, will do the talking for her, and boy, he can bark!

Train Tracks is a story about Jonah, a 12 year old girl, who heads out to find her father after coming back one morning and discovering he has disappeared. Jonah is special – she doesn't utter words, but rather lets her pet fish, Fishy, do the talking for her, as he is packed in her water-filled mouth.
Along her journey she shall meet colorful characters such as Yael, an energetic girl with Down syndrome, who thinks she has superpowers based on the uniform she wears that day, and the town's Homeless guy who brings balloon animals to life.

This stop-motion animated short, inspired by "Alice in Wonderland", awakens those characters we don't usually see on screen, and tells their story in an extraordinary way.

Directed by Tom Madar
​​ Stage:  Animation Test Completed

Animation POC

Jerusalem Film Fund - Development Support