“Meet Me In Jerusalem” is a vivid dance production that reveals the beauty of Jerusalem's hidden and known places.
The production was made as part of Israel’s 69th independence day celebrations.
Commissioned By: Foreign Affairs Office
Production by THE HIVE STUDIO
Directed by: Roy Krispel
Line Producer: Michal Pinski Gross
Choreography: Nadav Zelner
DoP: Matan Balalty
SteadyCam: Gilad Porat
Gaffer: Noam Huber
Music: The Betty Bears
Production Assistants: Ben Scheflan, Ofek Gicelter, Katherine Leff
Dancers: Nadav Zelner & Tamar Sonn
Makeup: Eva Sudri
Art-Direction: Danielle Ventura
Set Design: Ohad Ostrovich
Animation: Inbal Grossman
Editor: Amit Gicelter