“Meet Me In Jerusalem” is a vivid dance production that reveals the beauty of Jerusalem's hidden and known places.
The production, commisioned by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  was made as part of Israel’s 69th independence day celebrations.
Commissioned By: Foreign Affairs Office
Production by THE HIVE STUDIO
Directed by: Roy Krispel
Line Producer: Michal Pinski Gross
Choreography: Nadav Zelner
DoP: Matan Balalty
SteadyCam: Gilad Porat
Gaffer: Noam Huber
Music: The Betty Bears
Production Assistants: Ben Scheflan, Ofek Gicelter, Katherine Leff
Dancers: Nadav Zelner & Tamar Sonn
Makeup: Eva Sudri
Art-Direction: Danielle Ventura
Set Design: Ohad Ostrovich
Animation: Inbal Grossman
Editor: Amit Gicelter