What's Our Story?

The Hive Studio, founded in 2010, is an Israeli based animation studio that develops and produces animated episodic programming, feature films, short films and commercials.
All of our projects start with a focus on the art and craft of storytelling.
Our studio taps into the passionate and talented artists and technicians in Israel, and we have a full understanding of available Israel subsidies.

In our three locations: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Sderot. We are the home for 40 employees, with scalable capabilities of up to 60+.


6 Bezalel st, 2nd Floor, Jerusalem, 9459106

6 Bezalel st, 2nd Floor, Jerusalem, 9459106

Tel Aviv

27A Nachum Hanavi st, Tel Aviv, 6350335

27A Nachum Hanavi st, Tel Aviv, 6350335


1 Kikar Hanasi, Sderot, 8712808

1 Kikar Hanasi, Sderot, 8712808


Content Development

Have an idea for a series? A concept for a film? With our vast experience in developing various concepts, we can work together to develop your idea, and turn it into a formed and complete deck, to be handed to funds and broadcasters.

Storyboard- Preproduction
There is nothing more important than having a proper kick off for your project. We thrive to give each project the right beginning, so that it would be smooth sailing ahead.
The Hive offers Creative services as well as production design, storyboarding and Animation tests in order to make sure we start our cooperation on the right foot.

Our skilled team has production capabilities in 2D/3D animation, as well as live video productions. Scalable and passionate, we work on parallel pipelines and co-productions.
Our production work includes dozens of short films, TV and web series, and commercial content. We have produced our own IPs, as well as service work commissioned by clients, broadcasters, production partners and tv channels around the world.

Post Production
Our post-production services are our specialty!
Our post-production team possesses extensive experience in diverse pipelines, enabling them to seamlessly channel each project’s creativity into a singular coherent path. We treat every project with the utmost care, ensuring that the final files for your cherished film are exported to the highest quality.
The studio has editing, color-correction and compositing work-stations in all three branches.

Our Team

Amit Russell Gicelter
Avishai Simchovitch

 Line Producer

Renen Adar
Studio Manager
Aglaya Shmidt
Line Producer
Einat Keshet

Line Producer

Hadas Gicelter

Media & Content Producer

Yael Nudelman

Distribution Manager

Ksania Mariash

Storyboard Artist

Keito Mat

Design Technologist

Katia Korzinov

Concept Artist

Simon Gross
3D Asset Lead
Yuval Krol

Production Assistant

Anan Gibson
Storyboard Artist
Yonatan Hayon

Post Production Artist

Nimrod Havilio
Compositing Artist
May Grosman


Shalev Ben Elya
Raz Sonnenfeld
Ella Ben Yaacov
Daniella Bokor
Leanna Berkovitch

Join Our Team?

For job inquiries, email us at:

The Benefits Of Producing In Israel

Our studio offers 2D and 3D pipeline service work.
With potential cash rebates offered, that can reach up to 40%, and supporting government funds, Israel has been an attractive destination for many productions.
We are experts in this field, with highly efficient supporting pipelines for
2D and 3D animation.

We have vast experience in collaborating with production companies and funds around the world. Israeli subsidies reach up to 40%, and we have the knowledge to use them beneficially.