Have you ever found yourself trapped online watching photos of your friend on social media? Endlessly scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, each swipe carries you through the passage of time, witnessing decades of life in a single evening. Have you ever glimpsed on that old friend’s profile and felt like she wasted her days, hopping from one party to another, never pursuing her dreams…

Did you feel sorry for this lost friend, and realized that you’re no different? Have you ever stared at your reflection, thinking your life had come to a standstill, that you will never do anything worthy with your life… Sinking into the depths of your own somber thoughts.

“The Race” tells the tale of this darkness—a frenzied, timeless horse race that unfolds within our minds.

Is it possible to stop the relentless race?


Written and Directed by Sofia Gutman


The Film is currently in production.


2D Animation – Digital Painting and Rotoscopy


7 Min


Sur la Table Productions